About us

The church started meeting on January 1st 2012, with a desire to offer a relevant experience of walking with and worshipping our great God in this, our generation. We believe church is much more than just a Sunday morning service, and we seek to encourage the idea of bringing faith and worship into all aspects of life.

The reading of God's word, the Bible is considered the most important part of the service, although we also enjoy times of public prayer and praise, and share in communion (the Lord's supper) approximately once a month. We aim to have a wide variety of praise items during the services, using Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs as advocated in Eph. 5:19 & Col. 3:16.

The singing is led by musical instruments, backing tracks or video presentations. We project the words onto a screen for all to see, although books are available for any who prefer that option.

During the service, there is an all age talk, aimed towards the younger people attending, but hopefully appropriate for all. The younger people may then leave for Sunday school or crèche while the main sermon is shared. The pastor's preaching style is mainly expository Bible teaching: a book, chapter or verse is considered and applied to our lives today.

An opportunity for fellowship is offered after every service with tea or coffee, and on the second Sunday of the month (Sept - May), everyone is welcome to stay for a fellowship lunch.

We have a weekly prayer meeting on a Tuesday night (except July / August) when we gather in congregational homes. We also have occassional series' of Bible studies during the winter when we make use of selected material from DVDs & the Internet.

As well as the crèche and Sunday school, we also have a youth fellowship when possible (approximately monthly during term time)


About the leadership

Our current pastor (who was there when the church began) is Jonathan Tink, and with his family, he has a great desire to see 'the church' (not just one denomination) growing and extending here on the Isle of Skye as well as further afield. The family are all involved (along with many individuals from the congregation) in various areas of the ministry from preaching and teaching to the adults and the younger people in Sunday school or through the all age talks, as well as in the many other more practical tasks.

You can find out a little more about their family on their own website.


Please pray for us!

Our Sunday services are held in the Old Primary School, Uig  at 11.30am

A prayer meeting is held on Tuesday evenings in congregational homes

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